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Hemen Randevu Al



ESTPOINT AESTHETIC; With the multidisciplinary point of view that brings together top-level technology, competent and qualified team members, with the awareness that there is no limit in 2005, Fatih Gültekin has adopted the fact that it will constantly renew itself and produce results-oriented solutions to its members.

Quality service, peace, trust, customer satisfaction, innovations and criticism openness, prestigious principles adopted an institution. He has set out to offer the best in his field and has taken this place as his basis.

Based on long years of education, know-how and work experience in the same sector, it provides a customer-focused and accurate service.

With its strong, reliable expert staff, it aims to provide the highest level of benefit, to be sensitive to the health issues and to keep the ulama in terms of the high technology devices and the faces of the patients in the direction of quality service principle.

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Bağdat Caddesi

As ESTPOINT AESTHETIC, our priority is to train qualified and conscious specialists in the upper level in order to produce high quality and sustainable service by following the technological developments in the medical aesthetic sector and to make this se


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Aesthetic surgery helps to make a person happy, more self-confident, more environmentally and more self-conscious by eliminating the problems of the external appearance.
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You can have much healthier skin thanks to simple non-surgical applications that can be done to make your skin look healthier and look better.
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Vaginal aesthetics, malformation in the sexual part of women, and the appearance of the appearance if you do not like the operation.
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Stem cells contain growth factors intensively, healing damaged tissues and forming new capillary blood vessels.
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Unlike the light we know, the laser beam is a straight bundle of light in one wavelength.
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Nutrition and Diet departments have dietary plans that are specific to allergy-nutritional intolerance, diabetes and pregnancy.
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Trilipo, Legend device on the fatigue and fat reduction technology with the three effects of oil reduction is aimed at.
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I met Estpoint at Bahcelievler Medicalpark hospital. I would recommend it to everyone...

I would recommend it to everyone. I am very pleased ...

I would recommend it to everyone. I am very pleased ...

I would recommend it to everyone. I am very pleased ...

In addition to getting the best results with the correct orientation and quality service, we are very pleased with the güler face and courtesy :)

I never thought my first session would work so much. 3 weeks had almost no feathers, and everyone is smiling face :)

I came with my friend's advice, I am very pleased :) everyone recommended, I was able to get effective results. Thank you.

Thanks to the facials, all of the ESTPOINT employees I met with are very gentle and experienced.

I met ESTPOINT randomly while visiting the instagram, I wish I could have met a guru face and experienced staff, I am hereafter :)

When I visited ESTPOINT on the internet, I saw it on a share and got a really professional and guru-faced employees.

Dear ESTPOINT;related, delightful, thanks to the institution that makes us always rejuvenated.

Dear ESTPOINT family;Thank you for your warmth, your interest and your smiley face. I give you the best of my expectations.

Thank you very much for your kindness and your sincerity. Sincerely.

I finally found a place where I can give my last name, fill, mesotherapy, prp and now I am Duygu "GÜZEL" im :)

The best decision I gave after my wife, thanks to my guller face, I got ESTPOINT'e my fillings after laser operations. :)


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2017-05-25 15:29:46

Gomis is our guest

Galatasaray's world star Gomis foot with the dust of Estpoint Aesthetic we hosted. Thank you.

2017-05-25 15:29:50

Selected estPOİNT in Belhanda

Amongst those who protect the form in Belinda with Estpoint

2017-05-25 15:29:56

VM Medical Park Pendik Hospital

Pendik VM Medical Park Hospital We will be opening soon. Estpoint Aesthetic will begin accepting patients.