FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey

Regain your trust with FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplant technique!

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant technique, which has been known as one of the techniques with high success rate in hair transplantation since 2004, is known as the most common hair transplant  technique applied in people who have reached advanced stages in hair loss.

FUE hair transplant operation is the process of placing the grafts in the opened canals after  taken from the nape (donor) area to the areas where the hair is shed.

What are the FUE hair transplant stages?

Before starting the FUE hair transplant, shave with the neck (donor) area and the entire head short of 1-2 mm.

After shaving, the front line is created.

Pain-free local anesthesia is applied to both the forehead and hair transplantation areas so that our patient does not feel pain during the entire procedure.

Collecting Grafts:

In FUE hair transplant technique, hair follicles are taken one by one from the region between the two ears by using micro-motor devices with cylindrical punch at the end of the purchase phase. The grafts are not removed side by side, and several follicles are removed by jumping. (1 of every 4 follicles is taken). Hair follicles are collected using tweezers-like surgical tools called collets. This process takes 2-3 hours.

Opening Channels process:

Opening channels is the procedure performed by applying small cuts to the skin with sapphire tip to plant the roots collected from the nape (donor) area to the area to be planted. In this context, the advantage of Sapphire Fue is that it allows the ducts to be opened more precisely without any damage to the tissue, less bleeding during the procedure, no traces afterwards, and reducing the healing time. The opened canals are smaller in size and it is aimed to minimize the possibility of displacement of grafted grafts. Channel opening takes 2.5-3 hours.

Hair transplantation process:

The collected grafts is the process of placing at the opened channels one by one. Depending on the donor area and span of the patient, minimum 3000- maximum 6000 grafts can be transplanted in one session in FUE hair transplantation technique.

What are the advantages of the FUE Hair Transplant technique?
  • In FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique, the operation is performed without scalpels and without seams. Which means that there are no scars left after planting.
  • Technically, it can be applied to both men and women.
  • With the painless anesthesia device, local anesthesia is applied and the feeling of pain is completely eliminated. During the operation, you can watch television with tea, have a snack or chat.
  • Sedation can also be given at the request of the patient, you can be asleep throughout the entire procedure.
  • The recovery time in Fue hair transplantation technique is very short (10 days), you can return to your daily routine immediately after the operation. However, the advice of doctors is to rest at home for 3-4 days until edema after the operation is removed from the body, to consume plenty of water, and especially to avoid the consumption of salty food.
  • Even in patients with maximum hair loss, maximum grafts  can be planted. (3000-6000 grafts.)
  • If the donor area  does not meet the number of grafts needed, it can also be reinforced under the person’s chest, arm and beard. Roots from these regions are used only to tighten the crown.
  • While creating the front line before the operation, a more natural look can be obtained when your hair grows longer by drawing the closest to nature from where the forehead muscle ends.
  • There is absolutely no loss of sensation in the donor areas after the operation.
  • Patients coming from abroad and from outside the city only need to stay in Istanbul for 2 nights.
  • There is no need for hospitalization.

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