Lipomatic and Liposculpture

What is Lipomatic?

Lipomatik and Liposculpture are applied with a vibrating device named Lipomatik, unlike the classical liposuction process. This procedure  is the process of removing the fat with the tube and vacuum device and shaping the body. This method of application is the upper parts of the arm, breast, abdomen, butt and hip in the body. Lipomatic and liposculpture is an application that creates perfect results in the area of ​​the knees, hips, leg, ankle, chin, cheeks, neck.

Lipomatic degreasing is painless FDA approved and reliable. It has been proven to be one of the most reliable devices that allow sensitive and high volume fat removal in all body areas.

With lipomatic application, removing fat deposits and shaping the body is shown as the best method in the world in terms of scientific opinions of academicians who have become an authority in aesthetic and plastic surgery.

Lipomatic application

Lipomatic application, after (fat  intake), repairs the skin and performs a perfect tightening. A few hours after the application with this method, the person can easily go home and return to work on the same day. In applications to several parts of the body, inpatient treatment may be required for a short period of time. The person can take a shower bath easily after 2 days. It is a method of removing fat, which may be the least of temporary bruising, swelling, pain, burning and numbness in the areas applied in this process. It should be known that the bruise disappears within a few days and the swellings disappear in a shorter time. It is possible to do with local anesthesia, and we use it frequently because it is very safe in combined surgeries. Thanks to this safer and more comfortable application, it is very easy to get rid of your unwanted fats.

Post Lipomatic

Does tissue damage occur after the lipomatic operation?

Lipomatic operation does not cause damage to the tissue, because the device automatically alerts and stops when it reaches the muscle or bone.

Healing Process After Lipomatic and Liposculpture

As with most Liposculpture treatment methods, there are some points that the patient should pay attention to after the operation and the rules to follow. Detailed information about this is conveyed to you by your doctor.

Who can apply the Lipomatic procedure and can the Lipomatic procedure be performed in Men?

Lipomatic treatment does not have any risk and can be applied to anyone who is over 18 years old and it is a safe technology that provides detailed liposuction in order to see abdominal muscles, sixpacks and adonis not only in male patients but also in female patients.

How is Lipomatic Treatment Applied and What are the Advantages of Lipomatic Treatment?

It provides fat intake with very fine cannulas from adipose tissue. Since the adipose tissues are taken at a high rate, adipose tissue does not occur in the treated region.  What is the most significant issue here is that there is no pain during and after the Lipomatic Process. There is no scar in the tissue after the operation. It provides the comfort of returning to social life on the same day. Tension and tightening are observed in a short time after the lipomatic procedure.

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